pproximately 1 in 5 youths worldwide will experience a mental illness before they turn 25 making adolescence a critical time for health promotion, prevention, early identification, and intervention.  Therefore, the Teen Mental Health Team created and field tested the Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide for teachers to use as a classroom resource for Grades 9 – 12.  The guide is currently being used in several provinces across the country.

The Alberta Launch was initiated in September 2013 with funding from the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. The project’s goal was to train Junior and Senior High Schools in Calgary and the surrounding area.   In the Fall of 2016, the project was operationalized by Alberta Health Services and is now offered to schools across Alberta. Through the Go-To Educator Trainings and Curriculum Guide Trainings, this approach to mental health literacy provides a simple, economical and effective method in improving knowledge, decreasing stigma and enhancing help-seeking efficacy in both teachers and students.