World Health Day – April 7, 2017

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World Health Day 2017 is focused on Depression, the largest single contributor to the global burden of disease. If not effectively treated, Depression can lead to a host of negative social, educational, vocational, interpersonal and family outcomes. It is associated with higher risk for a variety of chronic diseases (such as diabetes and heart disease) and early death, whether by suicide or other causes.  Fortunately, Depression can be effectively treated, especially when identified early and effective evidence-based care is quickly accessed.

Depression often begins early in life, with about 50% of all lifetime cases able to be diagnosed by age 25.  Thus, it is essential for youth that Depression be identified early, differentiated from the usual negative emotional states of everyday life and treated with effective interventions beginning as soon as possible.

It is essential that schools be linked to health care providers along a longitudinal integrated Pathway Through Mental Health Care for Young People.  Mental health literacy related to Depression must be integrated into existing school curriculum. It is also crucial that resources designed to help young people understand and navigate the challenges of Depression and its treatment must be easily and freely available to youth and their families.

Information on Pathway Through Care:

Information on an innovative youth Depression intervention in Africa:

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Resource: Could My Parent Be Depressed?

Resource: Depression Mini Mag:

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