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Before reviewing the materials, we encourage you to take a quick self-evaluation questionnaire that will help identify your current youth mental health awareness level – then move onto Step 2. After reading through “Teacher Knowledge Update” take the same self-evaluation questionnaire and compare.

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Teacher Knowledge Update

The teacher knowledge update module combines a self-study power point presentation and guide. This information was pulled together to try and provide everyone with a uniform level of knowledge. And knowledge is power!

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Student Evaluation

It’s important to understand the level of exposure students have to mental health and mental illness. This section provides you with a useful pre-post quiz that can help provide insight into student understanding. These can be used in evaluating the outcomes of the Curriculum Guide.

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The six student models were created to work individually or in tandem. They cover a wide range of topics in mental health and mental illness, and can be easily integrated into a variety of classes at the grade 9 or 10 level.

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Teacher Training Sessions

A variety of training programs are currently available for educators, including: educators/teachers, school guidance counselors, youth workers, psychology professionals, administrators (education sector). This list continues to grow each day, as groups such as yours, ask us to develop and provide training program that best fits your needs.

What is available in the website?

We think its important for every teacher to have some background in youth mental health. We’ve made our training program complimentary so all educators can access this important information.