The modules in this guide are comprehensive, easy to implement and fun. The interactive teaching strategies used in the activities provide opportunities for building students’ skills in participation, communication, relationship-building, teamwork, and critical thinking. Many of the activities in the modules are designed to be completed by teams of students working together. The activities address a range of learning styles by incorporating both experiential and reflective elements, and using guided discussion to assist students to process and share new experiences and information.

The modules include both print-based classroom activities and audio-visual activities (web-based and/or DVD). The modules are designed to fit into 50 minutes of classroom time. Each module is written in the form of lesson plans that can be easily implemented by teachers without additional training.

Teacher tips are provided to highlight the sensitive aspects of certain modules, and offer suggestions about strategies that are designed to teach about as well as model mental health. Teachers can integrate their assessment of student learning through this resource with their assessment plan for the course with which they are using these materials.