The Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide has several objectives.

• To provide secondary school staff across Canada with consistent, reliable and easy-to-use information to help promote basic understanding of mental health and mental illness in the classroom.

• To provide students with a basic introduction to normal brain functioning to help them better understand mental health and mental illness.

• To help students understand the various factors that can contribute to mental illness, and the biological component which makes mental illnesses not that different from other illnesses.

• To equip teenagers with the knowledge they need in order to identify when they, a friend or family member is experiencing mental health problems or mental illness.

• To reduce the stigma associated with mental illness by providing clear, factual information about mental illness, its causes, ways to address it and recovery.

• To help young people understand that seeking help for mental health problems is very important, and to suggest strategies for seeking help.

• To reinforce the importance of positive mental health and eff ective ways of coping with stress.

• To provide information about recovery from mental illness, and the factors which help keep people well.