The guide provides a host of resources for educators to use in and out of the classroom, but we know it isn’t exhaustive. We have some other great resources that we can suggest that will help you fine more information about adolescent mental health:

Module 1: The Stigma of Mental Illness
Fighting Stigma
Global Issues at the World Health Organization
Social Stigma
Fighting Stigma with Openness
End Human Rights Violations Against People with Mental Disorders
United Nations: The protection of persons with mental illness and the improvement of mental health care

Module 2: Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness
Understanding the Teenage Brain
Insight into the Teenage Brain (video)
Surviving the Teenage Brain (video)
When is stress good for you? (video)

Module 3: Information About Specific Mental Illnesses
Mental Health Instruction: A Teachers Resource Mental Disorders
Kelty Mental Health
Teen ADHD (video)
Child ADHD (video)
Separation Anxiety Disorder (video)
Teenage Brain (video)
Social Anxiety Disorder (video)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (video)
Panic Disorder (video)
Depression (video)

Module 4: Experiences of Mental Illness
Digital Storytelling: Amy
Digital Storytelling: Caet
Digital Storytelling: Connor
Digital Storytelling: Laura
Digital Storytelling: Luke
Digital Storytelling: Stella
Aaron’s Story
Jessica’s Story

Module 5: Seeking Help and Finding Support
Communicating With Your Health Care Provider: What Every Student Should Ask
Understanding Medications
Evidence Based Medicine: For Youth

Module 6: The Importance of Positive Mental Health
Teening Your Parent
Parenting Your Teen
Brain Injury Guide for Youth
Understanding Mental Health: Sleep