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Around the world progress is being made to help enrich our understanding of mental health, mental illness and how our brains function. We wanted to highlight some other places where you might find information that suits your needs.

  • CAMH (Centre for Mental Health and Addictions) -- this site offers an integrated set of web based resources for teachers, schools and allied partners to utilize in their prevention/health promotion work with youth.
  • Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development -- The Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development gives parents and professionals access to important and up-to-date information that is based on the best scientific research currently available. It’s designed to help you sort through all of the conflicting information about what promotes, and what hinders, healthy child development so you can make better choices that will result in better outcomes for children.
  • COPMI (Children of Parents with Mental Illnesses) -- This site based in Australia has a wealth of resources for educators and parents.
  • High School and Mental Health Curriculum Guide -- This site provides background, teachers training and an overview of the curriculum as well as links for its purchase.
  • National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) -- The NIMH website contains up-to date and reliable information about a wide range of issues relating to mental health and illness across the lifespan. It provides comprehensive information about most neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • The Science of Mental Illness – National Institute of Mental Health Curriculum Supplement Series -- In this supplement designed to address science curriculum for Grades 6-8, students gain
    insight into the biological basis of mental illnesses and how scientific evidence and research can help us understand its causes and lead to treatments and, ultimately, cures.
  • Speaking of Kids Mental Health -- As Ontario's largest accredited children's mental health agency, Kinark Child and Family Services partnered with Child Welfare League of Canada and the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario of this resource tool for youth, parents, educators and mental health professionals.
  • When Something is Wrong: Strategies for Teachers -- This Canadian guide (available in French or English) helps identify mood, thinking and behaviour disorders in youth.and provides some practical pointers on how to deal with these concerns in the classroom.
  • Brains Beyond Boarders: Healthy Mind Healthy Body -- Mental health curriculum supplements designed for elementary classroom delivery in order to fill a reconized gap that currently exists in mental health  materials to help teachers introduce age appropriate mental health conceps gradually over the years. 

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