Educators Training Programs

A variety of training programs are currently available for educators. Educators include: Educators/Teachers, school guidance counselors, youth workers, psychology professionals, administrators (Education sector). This list continues to grow each day, as groups such as yours, ask us to develop and provide training program that best fits your needs.

The following training programs are designed to meet the needs of schools (both junior high and high schools) or other youth serving institutions. They are not available for individuals or small groups. They are available as one-day (teacher/staff) training or two day (training team) training. Each of them have demonstrated significant and substantial positive impacts in scientific evaluations.

Mental Health and High-School Curriculum Guide Training

Training on how to use the Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide in addressing mental health literacy for grades nine or ten. This training will provide classroom teachers with significantly and substantially enhanced competencies in teaching mental health in the classroom.

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"Go-To" Educator Training

Training for front line staff in understanding, recognizing, triage/referral and support of students at high risk of mental disorders. This provides a “gatekeeper”
Type competency for school staff to help in the recognition and access to care for students who require assistance.

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