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Virtual classrooms are communities that teachers can create, moderate and control to fit the needs of their students and objectives of their curriculum.These communities include the use of various online and social networking tools such as: adding bookmarks, discussion boards, text and video chat rooms, online image galleries, blogs, podcasts, online file space and class maps where students can highlight where they are from. has partnered with Taking it Global (TIG) to create a no cost online mental health virtual classroom. This classroom offers teachers the ability to access and manage private, advertising-free mental health lesson plans and activities, through which students can take advantage of the benefits of web tools without sacrificing personal security.

The program has been designed with and for teachers, so it’s easy to use and safe and secure. It allows teachers to incorporate today’s technology and integrate more interactive tools into the classroom. Teachers choose which mental health related lesson plans to integrate into their online classrooms based on what is most appropriate for their students and projects.

The space can be used to:

  • Enable students to contin ue connecting and learning beyond their time at school
  • Help students develop their computer skills in a safe, teacher moderated environment
  • Invite guests to share their expertise about teen mental health
  • Share files, website, photos and videos related to teen mental health
  • Support curriculum outcomes and objectives

This online classroom can be used as a standalone tool or can be a complement to the High School and Mental Health Curriculum.

A downloadable guide to accompany the virtual classroom is available on our website, by clicking here.

Click on the plus side below to find out how to set up your own virutal classroom.


Setting Up Your TIGed Mental Health Thematic Classroom


To set up a thematic classroom, go to TIGed’s resources page by clicking on ‘Resources’ at the top of the TIGed home page ( or entering into the address bar of any internet browser. Once on the resources page, scroll down to see all of the thematic classrooms available and select the Mental Health landing page. (It is important that you select this page as many of the thematic classrooms require a paid membership, and this classroom does not).

Click on ‘Set up your virtual classroom’ and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign up or login to TakingITGlobal

  • If you have a TakingITGlobal account, you will be prompted to sign in, and you will move on to step 2. If you are not an existing TakingITGlobal member, you will be asked to create a free member profile.

Step 2: Search for your school

  • If you have already registered your school within TIGed, you will move on to step 3. If you are a teacher in multiple schools, you will be prompted to select your school.
  • If you have not yet registered your school within TIGed, begin by searching for your school. To do this, select your country from the drop down list under “School Search” and enter your school’s name in the keyword field before clicking “Search.”
  • If no results are found, your school is not registered in our database and you will have the opportunity to add your school by clicking “Add your school!”
  • If your school is displayed in the search results, you will be given the option to either join or claim the school. If the option presented is to join your school, this means that other teachers from your school are already using TIGed. If the option presented is to claim your school, this means that you are the first teacher in your school to use TIGed.

Step 3: Join or claim your school

Joining your school:

  • If you find your school, join it by clicking “Join school” and entering the registration code. If you don’t know the registration code, you can have TIGed automatically request the registration code on your behalf by scrolling down to “Request registration code” and clicking “Send.” This will prompt TIGed to send an email to your school administrator requesting that the code be shared with you via e-mail.

Adding your school:

  • Can’t find your school? Add it to the database! You will be asked to enter basic information about your school, create your school’s TIG web address, set up a registration code for other teachers to use when joining the school, and establish student privacy settings.

Creating your thematic classroom:

  • After successfully adding or joining your school, you can create your thematic classroom by clicking “Create Class” from your school page, and click on the functions you would like to include in the class. Then visit the Mental Health Thematic Classroom landing page, and click “Set Up Virtual Classroom” and importing the content to the classroom you just created.

Step 4: Payment
• Thematic classrooms are provided to you free of charge through the support of the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health. However if you would like to use the virtual classroom platform to teach about other subjects, you do have the option of purchasing an annual TIGed membership.

Step 5: Confirmation
• After successfully creating your TIGed thematic classroom you’ll view a confirmation screen with a summary of information about your classroom. You can print this page for your records, but the information displayed here will also be available at any time through your school and class settings.

Getting Support
Visit the TIGed support page at to access video tutorials, frequently asked questions, real-time support through virtual office hours, and a comprehensive User’s Manual that will help you make the best of what TIGed has to offer. If you cannot find what you are looking for, simply email the TIGed team at for personalized assistance.


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