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For Health Professionals

Using a knowledge creation, knowledge translation and knowledge dissemination approach, this professionals section is designed to provide academics, researchers, and health professionals with resources to help them better address adolescent mental health problems and mental disorders.

What We Have to Offer

A series of evidence-based guides, clinically useful tools and training courses designed to help patients, health professionals, parents and youth understand the science behind mental disorders, how to get help if something is wrong and how to provide care based on best available evidence.
Clinical tools designed to assist primary care physicians and specialists in customizing their treatment approach for adolescents with a variety of mental disorders commonly experienced in primary care are available in a number of different languages.   Additionally, there are training resources and educational materials that can be used by health providers, patients and parents alike.  As new materials are developed they will be added to the website.
We'd like to thank our many colleagues and supporters around the world, that have aided us in translating these documents into their languages. We will continue to post translations of the materials on our site for use by mental health professionals globally. Send us an email if you'd like to get involved in translating any of the materials you see here or have any feedback, comments and suggestions.
Our materials are all under copyright to ensure integrity and to prevent unauthorized sale.  We offer our materials as downloads, free of charge, and just ask you to fill in your coordinates so that we can track who is using our materials. These materials are also available for a small fee through our print on demand service which will deliver them to your door.