School Mental Health: The Road Ahead

Canada’s largest school board (Toronto District School Board, TDSB), recently made a major announcement that the entire workforce is to receive mental health training, as far down the line as the lunch lady. The four-year strategy will provide roughly 40,000 staff members with mental health training... Click here the rest of this entry.

Helping Early May Help in Unexpected Ways

While the potential mental health benefits of early identification and effective treatment are relatively easy to understand, there are other benefits that may be less evident but also very important. One area of such benefit is found in relation to a number of physical illnesses: diabetes; heart disease and maybe even some forms of cancer!

How do I talk to my teenager about suicide?

How do I talk to my teenager about suicide?

One of the issues that arise in discussions with parents about youth mental health is: “how do I talk to my teenager about suicide?" This is most often in the context of a media report about a youth suicide or a community or school experience of youth suicide. There is no “right” way to discuss this issue but there are some useful guideposts