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Training Programs
Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide Training

The Mental Health & High School Curriculum Training is designed to complement the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide. The training provides an educator friendly understanding of mental disorders and how to identify mental health problems in young people. The 1-day training program for teachers that builds on usual pedagogic approaches to enhance the ability of teachers to effectively deliver this resource in their classrooms.

Training programs for teachers in the use of the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide and train-the-trainer training program (2 days duration) for school boards or other jurisdictions who wish to create “on-site” and sustainable training capacity for teachers in the use of the Curriculum Guide are available.

‘Go-To’ Educator Training

In each school, there are educators with whom students form good relationships, naturally go to for help, and feel comfortable talking about their problems. Therefore, providing training to this unique group in how to recognize mental disorders and link to within school resources and community health care providers may promote better early identification and improved access to mental health care for young people who need it.

‘Go-to’ educators can include teachers, student service providers (such as guidance counsellors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, etc.), principals, and other staff members, identified by each individual school.

The ‘Go-To’ Educator Training is a 1-day program that provides training in mental health knowledge, identification and support, and strategies for working with health providers, parents, and families. At these training sessions, participants are joined by local health and mental health providers, establishing collaboration networks. ‘Go-to’ educators are also linked with student service providers in their institutions, increasing the likelihood that students who are identified as in need of mental health support will move more seamlessly into appropriate care and support opportunities.

The ‘Go-To’ Educator Training, placed in the School-Based Integrated Pathway to Care Model context, is usually offered along with teacher training on the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide.

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