Guide to Understanding Panic Disorder: For Youth and Their Parents

Feelings of nervousness and anxiety are common and expected parts of everyday living. For example, it is normal to feel anxious before you write a test at school or start a game of baseball. It is also common and expected to feel afraid or panicked if something bad or frightening is happening, especially if it is something dangerous (e.g. If someone threatens to hurt you or if you get lost).

Panic Disorder happens when a person experiences panic attacks when there is no danger. People that have Panic Disorder have sudden, unexpected and uncontrollable panic attacks for no reason. This can be very frightening and distressing and often causes people to worry about going places or doing things in case they have a panic attack.

This Guide to Panic Disorder provides a general overview on Panic Disorder, discusses the causes of anxiety and panic, myths and facts, treatments, and provides some useful tips for those with Panic Disorder and how people close to them can help.