MED ED Booklet

The first of its kind, the MED ED booklet and accompanying passport are a content rich pair of guides that provide mental health medication education and treatment tracking for children and teens.

The guides contain: frequently asked questions, glossary, as well as tools and checklists to make tracking symptoms, activities and behaviours around medication use easy. You will find important information about anti-anxiety and sleep medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and stimulants.

The guides were created using the best available evidence regarding use, design, impact of medication resources and management of mental illness. The intention was to build something that would help families and care providers work together to better track treatment plans for children and teens with mental illnesses and symptoms of mental illness.

The tracking guides also provide a wealth of content-rich information to help the mental health care team make appropriate adjustments to medication to help the patient feel like themselves again.

The two documents can work in tandem or by themselves.

•    The booklet has 8 sections: 1) 26 frequently asked questions (FAQs), 2) medication class information, 3) trackers for activities, symptoms and side effects, 4) checklists with questions when interacting with doctors and pharmacists, 5) medication log, 6) appointment log, 7) notes and 8) glossary.

•    The passport is a companion book and is more concise, comprised mainly of checklists and trackers with a few important FAQs included.

When brought to appointment with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. it can help with asking the right questions and recording and sharing the right information.

We are in the process of reformatting Med Ed to keep costs low and use high. Med Ed will be available shortly in four formats.

•    The MED ED Booklet (main guide) can be ordered in colour or black and white.

•    The accompanying MED ED passports have been designed to have two in a booklet and will be available in black and white and colour.  (Note: When this booklet arrives you will need to cut it in half or go to your local copy store to have them cut it for you).

•    Our guides will also be available for bulk purchase (with discounts applied to bulk rates) and are shipped via post. Booklets are printed and distributed by our partner: