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Healthy Sleeping

Sleep is important to your physical and mental health. It allows your mind to digest and make sense of the day’s events.This resource will you develop good sleep habits.



“Transitions”, provides first-year students with information on topics including time management, relationships, sexual activity, mental illness, suicide and addictions.


Project Why (Lisbon, Portugal)

A pilot project where school mental health materials and training programs were adapted by partners at the New University of Lisbon to enhance competencies of teachers student service providers.


Taking Charge of Your Health (daily checklist)

This checklist is intended for youth living with depression or anxiety who are involved in psychoeducation groups or are under the care of their health provider.


Teen Mental Health Glossary

Written for youth, families and friends of those living with a mental disorder. Created to help young people and families understand the terms commonly used by doctors and nurses.


Nova Scotia School Mental Health Framework

The “Well-Beings: the Nova Scotia School Mental Health Framework” was developed for use by those who are dedicated to improving child and youth mental health in Nova Scotia and beyond.