To assist you with effectively implementing the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide, we have designed a number of steps to help guide you through the classroom preparation and implementation of the on-line resource. Step 1 is a teacher knowledge self-test to help you understand your knowledge level before teaching and identify areas of need for knowledge enhancement. Step 2 is the teacher knowledge upgrade resource that we ask you to read to help you enhance your mental health knowledge. This resource can also be printed and used as a “textbook” for students in your classroom. Upon completing the Teacher Knowledge Update, it’s a good idea to go back and re-do the teacher self-test to ensure all components were covered. Step 3 provides educators with a student evaluation if they choose to use it in their classroom once they have taught the modules. Step 4 provides access to the 6 modules which we suggest you teach in the order in which they are provided. Step 5 is the PDF of the Guide resource which you can print off and use for your purposes.